Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ya Think Maybe ..

This global warming thing is starting to get a bit ridiculous yet? Now moose are the problem. And cows, of course, but we already knew that. You're still buying into it?

The Earth is a dangerous place, climate changes. It's not human activity doing it. I'm gonna make a new bumper sticker - Climate Changes! Always has, always will. Sometimes the sun burns hotter, sometimes cooler. The Earth is not going to be here forever, one well placed comet buys the farm. Even if nothing unusual happens it will all eventually burn up anyway. That is the future of the Earth. That's what science says, that's what the Bible said long before science knew.

Embrace the truth and live. Make the world a better place right where you are, do your part - clean up your house, clean up your yard, clean up your life.

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