Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh Goody,

Two more publicly-funded Islamic schools in America. Here's what Neal Boortz had to say about it:

And if you didn't think that the news about government education could get any worse, the Ohio Department of Education has discovered something that its taxpayers should be outraged over.

In Columbus, Ohio there are two publicly-funded charter schools: International Academy of Columbus and Westside Academy. They are operated by Islamic extremists associated with the national and Ohio chapter of CAIR. At least one of the schools has hosted an anti-Israel CAIR-OH "teach-in" in the past year.

CAIR's national vice chairman, Ahmad Al-Akhras, is one of the incorporators of both charter schools and the treasurer of International Academy. Also on the board of both schools is Abukar Arman. You might remember him from a story two weeks ago where he was forced to resign for the Ohio Homeland Security panel for his connections and sympathy with terrorists.

Arabic is part of their core curriculum. Thus their standardized test scores (on English language exams) are well below average, and the school only meets 2 out of 19 state indicators for proficiency. However, the schools continue to receive millions of dollars in taxpayer money every year to keep it open and renew their contracts.

Because there are so many Somali refugees attending the schools, both of the schools qualify for tens of thousands of dollars in federal grants under Title III. Furthermore, the Ohio Title III Director is none other than Al-Akhras' and Arman's business partner, Abdinar Mohamud.

How much longer are we going to put up with this nonsense? Every day you think that the news about government education can't get any worse ... and every day it does.

There is something seriously wrong in this country, in case you haven't already noticed.

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