Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pre-Hurricane Delusions

Jamaica braces for Dean

"I'm not worried at all right now. I just don't think it's going to hit us, I can't believe right now it's going to hit us at all," said 26-year-old Althea Smikle,

"I'm not that worried because the homes are all very well constructed in Kingston," added 31-year-old elementary school teacher Jason Simmons, who lives in the Crossroads section of Kingston. "I am a little bit concerned for my parents' place though because of the flooding in their neighborhood, but you just put everything up on tables and chairs if it starts flooding in the house.

"We haven't really planned, just bought some food and batteries. I don't know that anybody is really that concerned. The people we talk to all seem fairly non-chelant, though I've heard of some fights breaking out in grocery stores. But so far that's just stories going around."

Well, good luck with that cat 5 hurricane, perhaps we'll get back to you Monday and see what you think then.

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