Sunday, December 09, 2007

Colorado Church Killings

It's horrible to see these shootings, the Omaha Mall and these church shootings, and my heart goes out to the victims and their families. There is a difference in the the second church shooting that is worth a look.

2 Fatal Shootings at Colorado Religious Sites

Wearing combat boots and carrying an assault rifle and at least one pistol, the gunman, apparently without provocation, opened fire in a parking lot and shot four people, one of them fatally, as bystanders dashed for cover. There were about 7,000 worshipers inside the church when the shooting erupted, a church official said.

The Colorado Springs chief of police, Richard Myers, said that after the parking-lot shootings, the assailant ran into the 10,000-seat church with his high-powered rifle, and was confronted by an armed church security guard, who shot and killed him. Neither the gunman nor the victims in Colorado Springs were immediately identified by the authorities.

Security guards in the church were armed and were able to stop the gunman before he could kill anyone else. If not for that fact, the gunman would have had free reign to shoot until he ran out of bullets.

Again, police were not on scene until it was all over. I'm not blaming them, merely pointing out what is true in most cases and why people need to be able to defend themselves. This gunman thought he would meet no resistance in what he thought was a gun-free zone. He didn't go down to the local gun range or police station to start shooting randomly - even crazy people know better.

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