Sunday, December 02, 2007

Save the Children!

Get them out of government schools! Protect your children!

When a Des Moines public school encouraged an event it characterized as a "gender-bender," where boys dressed as girls and girls as boys, dozens of families – and perhaps as many as 200 – pulled their kids out of the high school permanently.

Americans need to start waking up and taking appropriate action. Don't wait for leaders to arise. Be a leader! Take responsibility – especially for your own family, your own children!

That's what the parents in Iowa did – finally. When more parents take this action, we will be on our way toward taking America back. It won't be because we elect people to the local school boards. It won't be because we elect the right president. It won't be because we elect one party or the other to a majority in Congress. It will be because a remnant of American citizens remembers we are supposed to be a self-governing people and do what is necessary to protect our children and, thus, the future of this nation.

We're seeing more of this kind of child abuse on a daily basis in America – and it is no accident. It is not a matter of chance. It is not the exception; it is the rule. This is where we are all headed unless you take control of your life and the lives of your children today.

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