Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fred, Please

Huck, Mitt, Rudy, McCain blame you for global warming

I saw most of this debate Wednesday and when I heard this question asked, and answered, I couldn't believe my ears.

I thought about posting my thoughts on this election earlier but kept putting it off. I'm not excited about any of the front runners at all. I'm not sure why conservatives are jumping on the bandwagon of any of them.

Huckabee - I don't like how he has previously handled (read 'raised') taxes at all, I'm very uncomfortable with that. I'm also uncomfortable with the way he seems to be using Christianity. I could be wrong but he seems more of a huckster than the real deal. I pass.

Romney - Like his business sense. He was Governor of Massachusetts though. That's not a plus. He also seems like a huckster to me. He knows how to put the mask on and say what you want to hear. Sidenote: Don't care a wit about his religion - a complete non-issue. I pass here, too.

Giuliani - I really like what he did for New York, especially after 9/11. He handled that so well. Like the previous two candidates, he's not really a true conservative though. I like him better than the others but mostly that's because of his leadership during 9/11, beyond that he doesn't excite me.

McCain - Doesn't do anything for me.

Fred Thomson - I like Fred. I'm comfortable with Fred. There are no areas I find questionable in him as far as being President. He should be the top guy as far as I am concerned. I like his style, he's not out there giving the song and dance, he does things in his own way, he'll say the unpopular thing when it needs to be said, and he doesn't go along with the crowd. He's the conservative candidate. He's not flashy. That's a major plus for me, but apparently not for most people. Too bad, because there is so rarely substance behind the flash. Vote for Fred.

And then there's this:

Asked about the biggest obstacle to improving education in America, Thompson says, "The National Education Association. The NEA."

Thanks Jim Geraghty for the quote.

Fred Thompson unofficial campaign t-shirt.

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