Monday, December 31, 2007

Talk About Splitting Hairs

First we hear that Benazir Bhutto was assasinated by a guy who shot her, then blew himself up. Then we start hearing that, no, she wasn't shot, she was killed during the explosion when she hit her head on a piece of the sunroof while trying to duck back in the car. Now they are saying that the government is covering something up by saying she wasn't shot when the video shows the guy shooting her.

New video indicates Bhutto shot

Does it really make any difference. She was killed by the guy they have on video, whether the bullets did it or the explosion, or she just fell as a result and hit her head - what difference does it make? Maybe the guy emptied his clip and missed every shot - it happens. What advantage would there be in claiming she wasn't shot when she was? If there was a cover up, wouldn't it be more beneficial to hide who he was and especially any connections he may have? Just sayin'.

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