Saturday, December 01, 2007

Come Out of Her My People

Mob bay for teachers death

Fanatics demanding Mrs Gibbons' execution by firing squad streamed out of mosques yesterday after prayers — grabbing machetes, knives and clubs.

The hate-filled protesters — whipped into a frenzy by religious leaders — converged on the presidential palace as it emerged Gillian was an INNOCENT victim of a vindictive school secretary.

Pictures of Gillian, 54, were burned as hardline clerics in pick-up trucks chanted through loudhailers: “No one lives who insults the prophet.”

Hundreds of riot police refused to intervene — even though the demo threatened to spiral out of control. Fearful officials moved their prisoner to a different jail for her own safety.

Hundreds of placard-waving extremists marched on the city’s Unity High School — where Gillian taught.

She was jailed even though the bear, used in a project on animals, was named by her PUPILS after one of their classmates.

Demonstrators then headed towards the nearby British Embassy — before security forces finally stopped them.

Don't EVER talk to me about your so called religion of peace - I am so over it. There is no peace in Islam - body pieces maybe - not peace. No way, no how. The actions of the people do not show it. And it's not just a few extremists either, don't even go there. It's way beyond that. Action speaks louder than words. Words are meaningless without action to back them up. I'm not listening, but I am watching.

The good people who are Muslims need to get a grip, think real hard about the way things are and seriously consider who they are worshiping. Is it a God of love? Really? A God of love wants to kill a woman over a teddy bear? Or cartoons? Hate to rock your world, but no. Never.

Your God is not big enough to take insults? Your God is not big enough to avenge Himself? In His time? Then your god is way, way, way too small. He is not GOD. He is not a God of peace. He is a god you have to carry. Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes.

We've all been deceived, don't feel too bad. We all have to come out of deception, the whole world is deceived. So much so that I doubt anyone can fully get clear of it before their death. It's most important to start where you are and work your way out of the mess, if you are honestly seeking GOD, willing to admit you have had it wrong in the past and willing to obey the truth you learn, then you will make progress. GOD will slowly reveal Himself to you. If not, then you are where you are going to be. It's not easy to let go of all that you thought was true your whole life, but you will be glad you did.

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