Friday, June 26, 2009

All are Equal, but Some are More Equal than Others

Well, I think it’s worth making, because if you look at Canada, for example, everyone in Canada is supposed to have the same access to health care. In other words, there should be no difference if Joe Schmo gets a problem, and he has to get on the three year waiting list, and a cabinet minister gets the same health problem, he’s supposed to be on the same three year waiting list. In the end, those cabinet ministers manage to access a special…basically, cabinet ministers and hockey players seem able to access a special level of care up there that nobody else can get. -- Mark Steyn, radio transcript

It will be different in the U.S., right? If you think so, you're a sucker.

"Never give a sucker an even break." --W.C. Fields

Politicians take that to heart. Yes, Obama does, too. They see a whole lot of suckers right now, and they're salivating - they can't wait to pass cap and trade and health care. They see a nice, thick, juicy steak, and you're paying.

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