Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Mom of the Year

And Grandmother, too.

Queens mom performed voodoo fire ritual that left daughter, 6, scarred

While young Frantzcia Saintil was "engulfed in flames," Marie Lauradin let the screaming girl burn, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Thursday.

The girl told cops "the flames crawled up her body and burned her," the criminal complaint said.

Eventually, Frantzcia's grandmother doused the flames with cold water, but the women then put the girl to bed instead of getting her help, Brown said.

Frantzcia suffered for a whole day before a relative begged them to take her to a hospital.

When doctors finally saw her, Frantzcia had second- and third-degree burns covering 25% of her body, including her face, torso and legs, court papers state.

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