Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freedom Come To ALL Nation

Someone wrote that on a fence at the start of the video.

The people are clamoring for freedom in all nations, Iran now being the most obvious example. Why are we, whose constitution recognizes our inherent right to freedom and limits our government to protect our freedom, so eager to give it all away for a mirage? An illusion?

You want free health care? Your going to lose your freedom and still not get the health care you expected. Freedom doesn't mean you get things for free. There is always a cost.

You want to save the Earth? You think giving megalomaniacs power over you will accomplish that? They will do more damage in the name of saving the Earth than you could ever imagine. They don't really know what they are doing. It's a scam. They are fooling you. Cap and trade will make them rich, rich with money and rich with power - OVER YOU.

That's how evil works, it promises everything, delivers nothing and leaves you empty. Make no mistake, evil is rising up and trying to subdue the world once more. They're coming for you.

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