Monday, June 22, 2009

A Confused Nation

Who's Regulating Obama?

People that voted Obama who are getting upset but they don't understand what he's doing. They misunderstand totally. They were expecting Obama to throw shovels of money at them. Instead, they think he's bailing out Wall Street and big business. They think he's just another typical Washington Republican Democrat conglomerate politician who cares about big business. They don't see what he's doing to big business. They don't see that he's destroying future job opportunities, creativity, competition. They don't see the destruction the man is wreaking. They see him playing favorites, and they thought they were going to be the favorites, and now they're not. That's why they're upset.

He's not helping business any, and he's sure not helping the little guy who voted for him thinking it was going to be payback time. He's paying back all his cronies right now and when they are done there won't be anything left for anyone.

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