Thursday, August 22, 2002

I got another e-mail from Microsoft and it did the trick! Finally got my updates! I had to rename CATROOT2 in the system32 folder and it worked. It created a new CATROOT2 folder, so I'll just delete the old one.

I just discovered that Musicmatch MP3 player sends personal info to the company even after you uncheck the box giving them permission. Don't ask me how I know. So I uninstalled it, I won't use a program that does that. I tried Winamp a couple of days ago and uninstalled it the same day, it was terrible, it didn't play sound good at all. The music broke up alot. Plus it had alot of extra junk I don't want. I decided to use a program I had installed a long time ago and used only once in a while because it doesn't rip cd's. It was called Freeamp but they changed it to Zinf. And it works beautifully, I like it alot, it's just a simple mp3 player, none of the frills of the big players. To rip cd's I downloaded CD'n'GO! and it seems to work just fine, but I'll keep testing it. Both are Freeware. Got to go for now, James won't let me continue. Bye.

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