Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Auto Shopping

The insurance company says Irma's car is totaled so we will not be getting it repaired. I had my doubts but after taking some of the damaged sections off I saw the distributer got creamed and the valve cover is smashed, and who knows what else under that. When I heard how much they were going to pay for the car I was pleasantly surprised so all reservations are gone. And so is the Eurovan.

Now it's time to go shopping. There is not alot I hate more than buying a car. Starting with what kind. We need something that can handle 2 growing kids comfortably and safely. We don't want another van. Irma loves pickups and wants a double cab but I don't see anything big enough in our price range and it would be OK if it was only her car but it has to be the family vehicle...comfortable and roomy. The trucks she has shown me do not fit that category, not much more than a 2+2. I have a Firebird and its rear seating is roomier. I like some station wagons but none in our price range, mostly expensive European models. I've been giving a long look at a mid 90's Cadillac Seville SLS or STS, similar to this. I don't know yet, maybe something newer but less comfortable. I'm just happy to have a reliable car to get me around but given the choice I would much rather have a car I'm passionate about, something I really like. When I bought the Firebird I really wanted a Porsche 944 and tried desperately to find a good one in my price range but couldn't. I've had the Firebird for about 9 or 10 years now, unbelievably, and it's been good to me, I can't complain. But, if I had found a 944 and had it all this time it would have been more than just a car to get me back and forth to work. I would have taken better care of it, kept it looking good. I wouldn't feel (secretly) a little disappointed that I didn't get a 944 whenever I see one now. If we could I'd get a STS for myself and let Irma get whatever pickup she wanted, but that's not in the cards. I think we'll be looking around again Tuesday. I hate shopping for a car.

New Eyes

I finally went to the optometrist. My prescription changed slightly, he said the astigmatism changed. James has bent my current glasses so many times I can't possibly get them straight again and I've had them about 3 years now anyway. I'm partial to titanium frames but I found a nice pair made from magnesium that can take some abuse and are super lightweight. They will take about a week or a little more to get them, I didn't go to Lenscrafters. Well, I did, but they had less styles to choose from and many of them were very expensive.

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