Thursday, July 24, 2003

Do No Harm

This is just unbelievable: Hospital Accidentally Cuts Off Newborn's Toe.

Way to take responsibility: Hospital Insists Newborn's Toe Only 'Nipped'.

A different hospital surgically reattached the toe.


Sometimes during a storm I look out at the cows and horses and wonder if they ever get hit by lightning. I've never seen it happen, but I guess it does: Lightning kills giraffe at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

One Way Street

She went the wrong way: J-Lo plays a lesbian in her new movie but...

"And gay rights groups are incensed that J-Lo’s character starts off as a lesbian but goes straight — thanks to Affleck."

Things I'll Never Understand

Keeping it wheel with rims: Spending as much for rims as you did for the car.

And those silly looking super-wide 12 inch diameter go-cart looking tires. What is that all about? Some kind of lowrider thing? I see them alot in Florida but I'm sure they're illegal in most states.

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