Friday, November 26, 2004

European Islam Shows It's Teeth

I was going to include this with the last post but Blogger would have none of it, so I had to wait. This is interesting because Europe is alot closer to the breaking point on this subject than we are in the United States. If it got to the point where some part or parts of your life were somehow changed or dictated by a growing Islamic presence, how would you react? I think we have a way to go yet before that is a real problem, but ... I wouldn't want to hear a call to prayer in my town ... and it's already happening in one town. There is alot going on in Europe that you're not getting from the news, after all, fighting in the NBA is far more exciting.

There is an anti-Muslim backlash in the making. Early indications are that the backlash may soon spread across the European Union. Already in Spain, Italy and France, nations who've seen their share of recent Muslim violence have had about enough. Germany, with seven million immigrant Muslims, many on social welfare, recently saw the National Democratic Party (NPD) win seats in the Saxony legislature, following the German regional elections last month. Much of the success that the NPD achieved in Saxony is the growing abhorrence toward the ever-increasing numbers of Muslims in Germany.

The vast majority of immigrant Muslims have no intention of assimilating into European society. They intend that Europeans adopt THEIR customs, THEIR beliefs, and THEIR RELIGION. Some naïve European liberals claim that the problem is inherent racism on the part of Europeans. They fail to realize that even if everyone in Europe were white and blond, yet 5% of that population desired to reshape the European Union into an Islamic state, Europe would be facing the same problem, the violence, the strife and terror perpetrated by Muslim jihadists.

The push of Islam into Western Europe is about to cause a severe clash with the indigenous peoples who have inhabited the European continent for several thousands of years. As the tide of Islamic immigration continues, almost unchecked in Europe, the Mullahs, the Imams, and other so-called "holy men," will demand more and more in the way of power. The Islamic threat to Europe will continue to "show its teeth." Europeans can expect more violence, more clashes of culture until they've finally had enough.

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