Friday, November 19, 2004

James Got Mail!

4 year olds don't get alot of mail, but they sure like to. James likes horses and getting mail so I got him a subscription to Horse Illustrated magazine and that helps but it just wasn't enough for him, so he took it into his own hands, called his Grandma, and asked her to send him a letter.

Well, today it paid off! He went down to the mailbox. First he asked the mailman if he left him any mail. Yup, sure did, it's in the mailbox. He opened the box and looked through the letters. "I got a letter!" Sure enough, he did. He opened it up to find a card, three "Air Heads" candies, and two packs of stickers - dinosaurs and Sponge Bob. He was so happy! I said, "Grandma must really love you." and his reply was a confident, "Yes, she does!"

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