Friday, November 26, 2004

Long Faces in Rome

I found this interesting, written by someone living in Germany.

An amazing event occurred on October 29, 2004 in Rome. Representatives of all 25 nations of the European Union signed an agreement, which will establish a constitution for the multiple nations of the EU. As fireworks lit the evening sky in Rome, I witnessed no exuberance or any other type of excitement here in Germany.

It was actually a "ho-hum" day in Germany. Nobody paid any particular attention to the latest European Union event. In short, there was no enthusiasm or excitement at all, where I live. I asked several of my German neighbors if they were excited about the new EU Constitution, and they exhibited nothing but non-concern. The comments I heard were that the events in Rome, "were those things arranged by the French." So goes the "exciting" new constitution that if ratified, will constitute the law in Europe.

I did notice that absolutely no excitement what so ever was displayed by the many prime ministers, presidents, and other heads of state that attended the signing of the agreement in ROME. What I saw were many scowls, many looks of sorrow and many looks of desperation. I saw long faces in Rome, the look of little or no hope, the look of despair. Why? Why weren't the men and women present for this historical event jubilant, excited and forward-looking? After all, the European Union has crossed a critical threshold toward the final establishment of the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE. Or have they?

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