Thursday, November 25, 2004

Today, Give Thanks to God

A Time for Thanksgiving

As you gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving, why not give some thought to what will happen to our nation if we fail to give thanks. Will this Thanksgiving really be a day of giving thanks in your home? On this Thanksgiving day, don't forget to include those blessings which we take so much for granted - our great nation, our freedoms, our safety, our troops that fight for our safety, our prosperity, our wealth, our health, our families and friends, and above all, God’s grace and mercy.

I'll be at sister-in-laws house today and "thankfully" I've got the night off.

Yesterday Irma dragged me to Sams to get a new TV. They all look so small in the store and she picked a 32 incher. The box wouldn't fit in the car - no surprise - I took the TV out and put it in the back seat with no small amount of trouble. Can you say heavy? And no good place to hold on. Anyway, we made it home and shoe-horned it onto the shelf. Let me just say - if you can afford it - get one of the new LCD TV's , they are much easier on the back. I'm half expecting our shelf to collapse under the weight of this thing.

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