Friday, February 11, 2005

Brutal Enough?

Are we really doing enough in this war on terrorism? Some are criticizing the U.S. for being too tough and are tying the hands of our troops in Iraq.

Ronald Dart takes a tough look at this question in A Brutal War.

And the Chilling thought that came to me as I read Buckley's words was that our enemies do not have rational thought available to them. They may fully expect the United States to respond massively, and they just don't care. And so, if they are able to pull it off, we will have massive, brutal loss of life in this country to such a degree, that for us to use a nuclear weapon would, not only be a just act of war, but a blessed relief.

And I am greatly afraid that it will come to that before we are finished. No, it will not be because we invaded Iraq. Remember that we had not invaded Iraq before 9/11 and we got it anyhow. No, it will be because we are who we are and we will refuse to be anything else. It will be because Jihad has been declared against us and we have no choice but to fight. It will be fight, or become slaves to Islam.

This is a transcript of a radio program he did. It's available on his website if you choose, at least for another week.

Now you may reasonably ask me what the Bible has to do with any of this. How can this shed light on the Bible, or the Bible shed light on this war? The answer is not going to please anyone, but we might as well face up to it. The answer is that you fight a war with whatever brute force is necessary to ensure that you don't have to do worse later. You brutally pacify a city like Fallujah in Iraq, and you do it the first time you threaten it. You don't back down or negotiate with criminals and terrorists. You kill them.

It doesn't sound very Christian does it? Well, so what? Isn't the United States supposed to be a secular nation? Why should our military be guided by Christian principles? Our foes are fighting a religious war based on perceived Islamic principles? Shouldn't we be allowed to fight the war by their rules if that is the way they want it? [And don't tell me these fellows don't represent true Islam. If that is true, why don't the billion or so good Moslems rise up against them?]

I will not apologize for sounding harsh. These are harsh times, and these are harsh truths. They should not be sugar coated.

No, it shouldn't.

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