Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

I just had a guy come to my window, hand me a dollar bill, 3 dimes and a nickel, and ask me for $1.35 in quarters. This is the smart guy in this post.

And I just saw Ward Churchill giving an interview on Fox news. The guy is a lunatic and the very fact that he is considered a professor and works at a public university in the United States, teaching the youth of our country is a travesty and he should be fired immediately, along with the dean and anyone else who teaches anything like him. (And why was Bill O'Reilly making excuses not to fire him?) What he was saying didn't even make any sense - and that doesn't mean he's smart and should be a professor. There may be a fine line between genius and insanity but this guy has definitely crossed over that line.

It's not always good to think outside the box, it may be sitting in a cesspool.

Next, Islamists have taken G.I. Joe hostage and are threatening to kill him with his own toy gun. They probably got the doll from Ward Churchill.

There's a picture (of the doll) in this article. LGF and Wizbang have pictures of the doll in original packaging. PoliPundit has a little fun with it.

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