Friday, February 04, 2005

I Can't Believe This Is Happening In The U.S.

Judge rules against Christians who preached to homosexuals

What happened to the First Amendment?

The group's attorneys had presented as evidence their clients' First Amendment rights were violated the fact that Assistant District Attorney Charles Ehrlich told an earlier court proceeding the Christians' religious speech was "hateful, disgusting, despicable words," and "fighting words."

So, if it's hateful, disgusting and despicable in the eyes of the left, there are no First Amendment rights? Did I get that right? But, if it's hateful, disgusting or despicable in the eyes of someone not on the left, too bad, you have to put up with it, it's protected free speech.

Ward Churchill is protected by free speech, there's no hate in this, is there? Oh, no. But the Bible is hate speech.

Homosexuality is sin = hate speech. Bush is Hitler = free speech.

All the hatred that was spewed by the left, especially at demonstrations throughout the country, against George Bush, the United States, conservatives, and Christians is all free speech, even when it borders on treasonous - or just plain crosses that line. OK, I got it now.

I think it's time to purge our justice system of judges who don't understand how our country works.

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