Friday, February 04, 2005

Hot Tamale

I said last week we should overthrow Mexico and Joseph Farah must have read it because his newest commentary is Conquer Mexico.

So, I suggest maybe it's time to conquer Mexico. We're so intent on freeing 26 million Iraqis from a corrupt, barbaric tyranny. What about 100 million Mexicans? Don't they deserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people? How about truly free elections south of the border?

Maybe it's time to free Mexico. And worse, Mexico is proving to be a more serious national security threat to the United States than Saddam Hussein's Iraq was.

Mexico is authorizing an invasion of our country. It's an invasion designed to change the very character of our country.

Really, we need to just close the borders and deport illegals but for some reason the politicians just don't see it that way. That needs to change

Imagine you're a U.S. citizen entering Mexico illegally. Once there, you demand free medical care and English-speaking nurses and doctors. You also want free education for your child – in English. You also say you expect classes on American culture in the Mexican school system. You demand the right to vote in Mexican elections and you insist on bilingual ballots. Since, as an English speaker, you find it difficult to find regular work, you sign up for welfare. Next, of course, you demand a Mexican driver's license.

What do you think would become of you as a U.S. citizen if you tried this in Mexico?

That's right. You would wind up in jail, deported or dead.

We need to stop this stupidity.

Diane Alden has much more to say about it:

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