Thursday, February 17, 2005

Of Course

Judge drops all charges against Philly Christians

How could they do anything else? The whole thing was pathetic.

"The judge saw this case for what it is," Joe Infranco, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, said in a statement. "This was the right response to an outrageous abuse of power to silence speech that some people didn't like.

"What took place here was a government crackdown on disfavored speech. The OutFest participants staged a national coming-out day on a public street using public funds, and then they tried to say it's a private event. That didn't make any sense, and neither did the actions of the police. …"

Outrageous abuse of power is right, how about taking the people responsible out of the system?

"This ends only the first chapter in the 'Philadelphia 11' saga. The next chapter is federal action against the officers and city of Philadelphia. We are still calling for the Department of Justice to investigate the corruption and profound abuse of power that we have seen in Philadelphia."

Good. I hope it works.

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