Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Neighbors

I am separated from this particular neigbor by a wooded lot. They are forever burning some part of their yard. If they want to clear some brush from around a tree, they burn it. Weeds taking over a part of the yard? Burn'em. I'm surprised they don't just burn the lawn when it gets too long.

Yesterday I was taking James out and when we walked out the front door we smelled smoke. It's not unusual to smell smoke here so we just walked to the car. I saw smoke coming from the direction of my neighbor (surprise!) but it seemed a little closer than normal. I walked over toward the smoke and into the woods. The fire was there, just on this side of his fence. The underbrush was on fire and it looked like it was very close to spreading to some trees just above. I've got my cell phone in my hand ready to call the fire department and I'm looking, I don't see anybody else around. I don't want to call if he is tending the fire but ... where is he?

I drove over to his house and knocked on the door. No answer. I walked around toward the fire and suddenly he appears, hose in hand. I told him I was getting worried about the fire because I didn't see anyone around. He had stepped into the house. So I left.

When I got back it was out. OK, no problem. So, at 10:15 pm I get in my car to go to work and drive by his house. What do I see? A fire in the same spot! He was burning this late? I stopped and watched for a minute, didn't see him. Now what do I do? All their cars were there, he had to be there. He's a crazy, ole coot anyway. I just went to work.

When I got back this morning all was well. Do other peoples neighbors do this?

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