Friday, May 13, 2005

Now - It's Possible

Schiavo-like woman speaks after 2 1/2 years

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Dr. David Schmeidler told the local paper. "I have never seen this happen in my career. I've read about it happening, the severely brain damaged recovering suddenly, but never seen it - until now."

Why hadn't anybody ever read about it before Terry Shiavo was killed?

Doctors and scientists don't really know what they are talking about much of the time, not completely. They know in part. What they know is subject to change at any time because there is so much they don't know. And they don't know just how much they don't know, they make assumpions based on their knowledge of the subject - complete or incomplete. They sure are good at acting like they know everything, though. Of course, some are more honest with themselves about this than others.

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