Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Never Buy Another Issue of Newsweek

After Newsweek put the American flag in the trash on the cover of it's Japanese edition, Joseph Farah is rightfully ready to give up reading the magazine and urges others to do the same.

That's it for me.

I will never buy another issue of Newsweek - at least not while it is in the hands of the rogues currently running it.

I will do my best to live without the newspaper published by its parent company, the Washington Post, as well - even though it is my local paper.

I recommend to everyone reading this commentary today to follow my lead. In fact, I urge you to spread this column by e-mailing it to your friends across the country. Let's start a little viral brushfire the heat of which they will feel in the corporate suites of Newsweek.

Don't write nasty letters to the editor. Don't try to persuade Newsweek to change. Just live without it. See how easy it is.

When I first heard about this Newsweek cover I had the idea to never buy or read the magazine again as well, the only problem is I never bought the magazine before so not buying it, for me, doesn't accomplish much. Maybe someone who subscribes will read this and drop the subscription.

If Newsweek thought an isolated, unceremonious and imaginary desecration of the Quran was newsworthy, what can we say about Newsweek's public, high-profile and real desecration of the American flag on its cover in a foreign edition?

They are on the wrong side.

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