Monday, May 02, 2005

Own A Ford Truck?

It may go up in smoke and take your home with it. I highly recommend disconnecting the cable from the sensor on the front of the master cylinder. This article says it's an air conditioning sensor but I believe it is, in fact, a cruise control brake sensor.

Yes, it is the cruise control. I would be making sure my Ford doesn't use the same type of switch as the recalled vehicles because Ford is apparently dragging it's feet on this. Call the Ford dealer and check part numbers. And don't park it in the garage.

Ford refuses to offer assistance to victims of the fires and disclaims any knowledge of why so many fires have occurred under similar circumstances.

Educate yourself on this issue if you own one of these.

NHTSA is among the last to admit that the problem extends beyond the 2000 model year. Dimitri of Baltimore was relieved when he heard about the recall of the 2000 Expeditions, since his was a 1997.

"Boy was I wrong," said Dimiti. His Expedition caught fire and burned a few nights later at the gym, destroying another SUV parked next to it.

P.S. If you disconnect it, remember it is the brake sensor and if the cruise control still operates it will not shut off when you use the brakes. Don't use the cruise control.

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