Friday, August 29, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commission Update

Ezra Levant has responded to the new CHRC complaint against him and he doesn't hold anything back. In fact, it's more of an attack than a response, but he's just speaking truth to (corrupt) power. Here is a small sample from the letter.

I republished the same words as Rev. Boissoin and yet you have recommended that the CHRC not proceed against me.

There is only one reason for this: the CHRC is anti-Christian, and thus you excuse in me what you condemned in Rev. Boissoin.

This is not the first indication of a deep-seated bigotry at the CHRC. You have mercilessly persecuted other Christians in Canada for merely expressing their faith, such as Fr. Alphonse de Valk of Catholic Insight magazine and Ron Gray and the Christian Heritage Party to name just two others.

I note that the CHRC has never once prosecuted a "hate speech" complaint against any non-Christian, though there is plenty of non-Christian bigotry in Canada. No Muslim extremist, no Tamil extremist, no Sikh extremist has ever been prosecuted, though those communities are wracked with internecine hates between radical and moderate camps, that sometimes spill over into violence. But you'd rather pick on a seventy-something Catholic priest for publishing a newsletter.

That's why you're letting me go – I'm not a weak, penniless Christian clergyman.

That's hypocrisy, but it's not surprising coming from an organization so sick that its staff perpetrate racist slurs through their own vile posts on the Internet. It is now public knowledge that staff at the CHRC, like Dean Steacy and Richard Warman, joined neo-Nazi groups and surfed the net in full racist drag. The fact that everyone from the Chief Commissioner on down hasn’t been fired for this scandal is amazing to me.

If they, the CHRC, had even a shred of integrity they would pack it in and disband. Ezra is right on this and he has been right all along - read this column he wrote 14 years ago.

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