Friday, August 01, 2008

Is This a Joke?

The Rudd Labor Government’s newest program - the Carbon Reliance Abatement Program (CRAP)

Appropriately named I say, this from Australia.

It is a complex form of taxation designed to enhance the moral vanity of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and those who believe Australia can make a difference to human-induced global warming.

Even if there were any evidence beyond the IPCC’s faulty modelling to demonstrate that humans are responsible for global warming - which the last decade’s weather would indicate has stalled or even reversed - it should be noted that Australia is responsible for approximately 1.3 per cent of the total anthropogenic global emissions.

The 18 nations ranked ahead of Australia (the European Union is shown as one) by CO2 emissions account for 89 per cent of the total.

Sydney University's Professor Tom Hubble explained in 2005: "Natural climate change, of similar and greater size as that projected for anthropogenic greenhouse warming, has occurred many times during the last million years and as far as we can tell throughout the history of the planet."

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