Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wrong and Wronger

Our two Presidential candidates. Alan Keyes makes some good sense in this essay. It's long but was worth the time. I'll have to look into this guy a bit more.

No choice but evil

We live in revolutionary times, by which I mean times when a form of government will either be restored or overthrown – not just in the sense that one group replaces another in power, but in the profound sense that substitutes one premise of government for another. In our case, the premises of aristocratic despotism (the rule of superior ability, force and fear) are replacing those of democratic liberty (moral equality, self-discipline, consent). Unfortunately, the battle between these forces is being waged in an intellectual climate deeply prejudiced against the understanding needed even to comprehend the nature of the battle, much less wage it effectively. This is what makes the prospects for liberty so obscure.

On Border Control

On 2nd Ammendment

On Income Tax

On Health Care

On the Environment

On Religious Liberty

On Income Tax/Faith-based Charity

Alan Keyes is not wrong.

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