Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Forgotten Liberty

America was established by men who had a good understanding of liberty and its source - God. We are so far, today, from understanding this concept. You can't separate God from liberty, it is His gift to us and if we wander from God we leave His gifts behind. We don't appreciate the gifts of those who we don't care about.

Jesus came to liberate us, and wherever His name is named, tyranny is threatened. Though Jesus did not come to oppose government per se, the freedom He brings is a threat to oppressive governments everywhere. --Ray Stedman

And so we have a systematic removal of anything to do with God, to the furthest extent possible. Christianity is banned in many areas of the world and where it is not banned, it is under attack. The further it is pushed out of society the more amenable we are to being ruled by those who would control and oppress us. We, in the United States, appear ready to complete the transition - voluntarily.

Notice still further how He defended the dignity and rights of men against all forms of tyranny and oppression. Listen to His Woes. He began his ministry with "Blessed." He ended it with "Woe." Over against the eight beatitudes are the eight curses. It is an interesting study. But listen to the Woes. They are all hurled against men who tyrannize and oppress; and the whole teaching of Jesus concerning man is that a man has no right to bind himself beneath tyranny and be content. The teaching of Jesus is that there may be a good deal of incipient blasphemy in the popular idea that a man should stay in the position wherein he was born, and be content. The teaching of Jesus is that every man has inherent rights, and any man who comes between the individual and the throne of God is to be dealt with drastically, and the woe that falls from the lips of incarnate purity is pronounced against him. -- G. Campbell Morgan

Alan Keyes understands this. From his article, Endowed by their Creator:

Justice is not the good of the stronger. It is not the survival of the fittest. It is the universal birthright of all humanity, established not by our laws, not by our triumphs, and not even by our prayers, but by the will of the Creator. Though some may pray to Him, and others not, all are entitled to be treated according to His will. Whether they are Christians, Jews, or Muslims, pagans, agnostics, or atheists, all people are His creatures, by nature equal until, by denying His justice to others, they bring His judgment against themselves.

I just posted this the other day but if you haven't heard it, listen to Independence Day.

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