Monday, February 09, 2009

A Bad Start

First, Obama not only has a lack of executive experience, he also possesses no natural talent for management or executive decision making. While a large segment of the American electorate clearly believes that a mellifluous baritone and an ability to read from teleprompter is tantamount to executive excellence, the numerous nomination scandals and the bungling of the $827 billion stimulus bill indicate that the Obama administration will soon make even the disastrous Bush and Clinton administrations look like paragons of competence.

The second thing is that Obama has clarified what was never seriously in doubt: All of his grand promises of inspiration were nothing more than campaign rhetoric designed to appeal to the young, the naïve and the stupid. He promised hope and change, but what he has done instead is prey upon the widespread fear of national catastrophe to engage in the usual legislative bullying so often seen in past Democratic Congresses.

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