Monday, February 02, 2009


I haven't seen my blogroll in a while and I know blogrolling has been having problems so I just assumed it was related. Today I used my wife's computer and noticed the blogroll was working. OK, but now I'm using my computer it is not. We both have and use Firefox. I opened my blog in Explorer and the blogroll is there (works in Chrome, too). Something is causing my blogroll to fail to load in my computer's Firefox - could it be NoScript? I don't think so, if I allow scripts globally there is still no blogroll. I am puzzled, but now that I know it should be working I will figure it out. Just not now.

Update Feb 2, 5:47pm: It is NoScript causing the problem, when I disable it the blogroll appears. The puzzling thing is that the page is trusted and all scripts on that page are allowed, nothing is blocked. Even if I allow scripts globally I don't see the blogroll. I have to disable NoScript to get it to work.

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