Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Thoughts...

from Thomas Sowell

  • "One of the most important skills for political success is the ability to make confident assertions of absurdities or lies."

  • "The adage "follow the money" will be hard to apply in the current administration, when there is so much money going in all directions that it is doubtful whether anybody can follow it."

  • "There are too many people, especially among the intelligentsia, who will never appreciate the things that have made this country great until after those things have been destroyed-- with their help. Then, of course, it will be too late."

  • "Democrats could sell refrigerators to Eskimos before Republicans could sell them blankets." --They've done the equivalent selling this "stimulus"

  • "Human beings are going to make mistakes, whether in the market or in the government. The difference is that survival in the market requires recognizing mistakes and changing course before you go bankrupt. But survival in politics requires denying mistakes and sticking with the policies you advocated, while blaming others for the bad results."

  • More frightening to me than any policy or politician is the ease with which the public is played for fools with words. The latest example is the "Employee Freedom of Choice Act," a bill that will do away with secret ballot elections among workers voting on whether to be represented by a union. It is an open invitation to intimidation-- which is to say, loss of freedom of choice." --Another example: The "Fairness Doctrine"

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