Friday, August 07, 2009

AARP Town Hall Meeting on Health Care

Watch this to the end. Look at the mobs!

The way they treat ordinary, concerned citizens is appalling!

One presenter says, "Insurance companies do not show $80 billion profit* (source please!) without denying health care."

The insurance companies make profit and the government steals profit. Insurance companies do not make their profit by denying care, although that does happen. Insurance is supposed to work by covering a large number of people, of which a much smaller number of people actually need it. Unfortunately, the government has so many regulations and rules about how they want it to work that it becomes impossibly complicated. Government needs to get out of the way and Americans need to stop relying so much on insurance, insurance should be for emergencies. Medical care costs are artificially inflated to the direct consumer because of the insurance mess, but everyone wants something for nothing.

Point #2 is the government can't provide health care for all Americans without denying health care. It's the same thing, only worse - there will be nowhere else to turn for help. This can be easily demonstrated by the examples of Great Britain, Canada, and anywhere else a single payer system is in place. What will you do? Go to Canada? Take the government to court? Good luck with that! You'll have to become a Congressman to avoid the public health care altogether.

But, I'm no expert. That's my opinion, worth price charged.

*Where do tax revenues come from if no one makes a profit?

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