Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pythons Make Great Pets

Not all pythons are large, dangerous animals. Most are small to medium sized snakes that make great pets and are very beautiful and interesting.

The number 1 rule when buying any pet, as far as I am concerned, is don't get a pet to try to impress anyone. Most likely you will get in over your head real fast.

Number 2 would be learn all about the animal before you get it, and make sure you can safely take care of it for the rest of its life. That includes proper caging if required. That can be expensive.

Baby animals are cute but they grow fast. Can you handle the adult? Maybe a better question would be, do you want to handle the adult? You will have to feed and clean up after this animal for it's lifetime. Be honest with yourself and get your ego out of it. You don't always need the biggest and baddest.

This is a great video and I'm glad they made it. Check it out.

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