Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberty is Our Natural State

Palin Flummoxes the Elites with Common Sense

Too often journalists and politicians attribute imperfections in American society to a failure of our founding principles, rather than recognizing problems as simply a natural byproduct of finite, flawed humanity that would crop up under any system. So we hear the cry that our health care system is “broken” and the conclusion that government must fix it immediately. It’s a naive notion promulgated by people who think history commenced with their own appearance on the planet.

Because humans fail the omniscience test and have a proclivity to misbehavior, we function best in a free market system where liberty permits escape from the inevitable outbreaks of ignorance and of the dark side of human nature.

Liberty is our natural state. Anything that encroaches on liberty, no matter how benevolent its proponents, must be resisted.

Read the whole thing, it explains the death panel label for those - and there seem to be a lot of them - who haven't connected the dots.

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