Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Knew?

Elephant learns to play the harmonica

The African elephant already loves music, but has found a new passion after a silver harmonica was accidentally left on the side of the enclosure.

She eventually got the hang of puffing out at the right time to produce a song, and now regularly places the instrument into her trunk and whiles away the afternoon playing a few tunes.

What kind of journalist posts an article on an elephant that plays a harmonica and doesn't have a video to view? Come on, man. How hard is that these days?

After much research and countless hours searching the internet (not really) I found that many elephants can and do play the harmonica, just not very well.

That may be very well for an elephant but no one is buying that download. So, in fact, this story is not even news and this illustrates why no one even likes journalists anymore.

This one dances and plays:

Stop the presses. Please stop the presses.

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