Monday, August 10, 2009


Call 1-800-CHEST-PAIN

Please press "1" for English, "2" for Spanish...

Here's one of those anecdotal horror stories from Scotland's National Health Service that we are enjoined by American "reformers" to pay no heed to. From The Daily Record:

This is something everyone should read. What people should pay most attention to is the response of the health care officials. These are government employees and they react as you know government employees do - they take no responsibility whatsoever.

1. The family say they'll lodge an official complaint over "rude and dismissive" treatment Debra received at the hospital.

2. NHS 24 executive nurse director Eunice Muir said: "We can confirm Ms Beavers contacted NHS 24 and that her onward referral was managed safely and appropriately.

Ask yourself: How far do you think the family will get with their complaint? What makes you think it will be any different here, in America?

Do postal employees accept responsibility for lost mail? Have you ever tried to collect on an insured parcel? Just asking.

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