Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Be Prepared

U.S. Needs to Prepare for Saudi, Middle East Collapse

The mistake we are making, though, is to be unprepared in the case of a Royal Family collapse and a Saudi reversal, away from us, including a cutoff of oil sales to the West.

We are clearly not ready for the devastating impact this could have on us and on the industrialized, oil-dependent West.

Just today al Qaida has attacked more oil pipelines in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and killed an Iraqi oil executive in northern Iraq. It is a day-by-day, drip-drip-drip destabilization of the region.

Clearly the instability has just begun.

We are almost completely unprepared for that. It is clear the American people are really not taking what is happening in the world today very seriously. Now a South Korean man is beheaded and the only thing our politicians can do is say they "condemn" such acts of terror. Everyone Condemns the act - even Saudi officials - but no one does anything about it. I have never more clearly seen the possibility of the collapse of the United States. By the time the country really feels the seriousness of what is happening it will most likely be too late.

It is the height of political and moral malpractice to not be ready for all possibilities.

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