Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Be Very Afraid

It's bad enough your children's teachers can force you to put your children on ritalin at their convenience, now it seems if you don't agree and you don't put them on ritalin they will put you in jail for child abuse. Talk about putting good for evil and evil for good.

I think ADD is a symptom of the increasing lawlessness of this nation, from the family on up. No respect for law or rules - formal or informal - it's all whatever you can get away with. Laws are the skeletal structure upon which a successful society is built just as laws are the structure the universe is built upon. The laws that govern the universe are measurable and observable while the intrinsic laws that govern society and interpersonal relations are not and the effects of breaking those laws don't always appear immediately and can cause effects a generation or two or more into the future. The reasons for the problems we have as a society are not obvious or proveable from a scientific standpoint so that without those laws being revealed to us by the Creator, God, or by denying those laws our society is like a rudderless ship tossed about and, ultimitely, sinking. Sin is lawlessness (1 John 3:4). The greek is Anomia and it means:

1. the condition of without law
a. because ignorant of it
b. because of violating it
2. contempt and violation of law, iniquity, wickedness

That statement, "Sin is lawlessness" has deeper meaning than at first appears. It starts with the ten commandments and spreads and permeates into every aspect of your being. Jesus magnified the ten commandments beyond the literal keeping of them so that even being angry without cause at another breaks the "Do no murder" commandment, for example (Matthew 5:21-24), and teaches us to keep the laws of man except where they contradict the laws of God. If you're keeping God's laws and not obeying the laws and rules of society, if you're not respecting the rules at work or school or of your family then perhaps you should consider whether lawlessness is creeping into your life.

I remember coloring in grade school and being taught to color "outside the lines". I always tried my best to stay in the lines when coloring (after finally being able to do so!), but now I was being taught to cross the lines, in fact, as I remember it, it was silly to stay in the lines. I've seen that reinforced in commercials and elsewhere since and, of course, the lesson was not to be contsrained by laws, rules, regulations or expectations - do your own thing they said, whatever you want. I never took to that teaching, although I remembered it and now realize the advantage is knowing when to stay in the lines and when it's OK to cross them. Generations of children have crossed those lines and never looked back. They teach your children, they tax you till you bleed, they write laws to control you while allowing themselves freedom to do as they please, they bully themselves to the top of the hill so they can kick you off, it's their way or the highway and if they don't get their way, they'll sue and take everything you have or just throw you in jail. They pervert and spit on the laws of God, the constitution of this country and any other law they don't like and their numbers are increasing.

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