Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Fight For Life

Will the West survive?

The Muslim world is at war with Western civilization. We have the military might to thwart them. The question is: Do we have the intelligence to recognize the attack and the will to defend ourselves from annihilation?

There is no question that we could defeat them if we had the resolve we did during World War II, the problem is, half the country seems to be unable to recognize the seriousness of the threat against us and the ease with which they could cripple us without military might. Very few countries in this world would mind very much if the economy of the United States suddenly crashed, the European Union is readying itself to take over top spot in the world and the Euro could very well become the currency of choice worldwide in place of the dollar, the consequences of which is completely lost on the average American.

History never repeats itself exactly, but we might benefit from the knowledge of factors leading to the decline of past great civilizations. Rome was one of those advanced civilizations. Rome was so caught up in "bread and circuses" and moral decline that it couldn't manage to defend itself from invading barbaric hordes who ultimately plunged Europe into the Dark Ages. The sooner we recognize the West is in a war for survival, the more likely we'll be able to escape the fate that befell the Roman Empire.

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