Friday, June 04, 2004

A Good Day

We're back from Disney and we had a great time. James wanted to go to Animal Kingdom so that's where we went. We didn't go from ride to ride though, we just walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the park. I think we went on 2 rides. Animal Kingdom is definitely the most beautiful Disney park. We went on the safari and one of the kid rides over at Dino land. He spent alot of time in the Dino playground (whatever it's called) and just generally looking at the animals. We saw the bird show too since James loves birds. We got to see owls, hawks and eagles up close and that was awesome. James asked the guy if he could touch the owl, of course he wasn't allowed but we got very, very close, less than arms length.

We left Animal Kingdom around 3:00pm and took a bus to Magic Kingdom just in time for a storm to start brewing. James wanted to go on the train around the park but it shut down when we were about to get in (lightning). We walked over to the Buzz Lightyear ride and the line just reached the covered area when it started raining. He likes that ride. When we got off it was still raining so we went on the Futureland Transportation zippy car thingies, whatever it's called. It goes into Space Mountain and Space Mountain was shut down and all the lights were on inside so that was pretty cool to see that. The whole thing looks like bare metal with zinc paint on the joints, not what I expected. I don't know what I expected, paint I guess.

Irma was getting off work and wanted to meet us to eat so we left after that. We went to Ace Plus Chinese restaurant. Nothing fancy but all you can eat, large selections and $9.95 for the dinner. And it tastes good and they don't fail any inspections. Not a great sushi selection but they make a delicious curry chicken. James dropped some ice cream on the table and his new thing is to say "red alert, red alert!" when he does that so we can wipe up the mess. He had fun even though he said this morning he didn't want to go. I had fun because I wasn't rushing around trying to go on all the rides and waiting 45 minutes to over an hour to get on them in the unbearably hot sun.

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