Friday, June 25, 2004

Stop The Presses!

Intel chief: Palestinians still want Israel destroyed

After three years of watching their society be ripped apart by launching the Intifada, the Palestinian people and their leadership still maintain the goal of destroying Israel, according to an assessment released yesterday by Israel's Military Intelligence research chief.

How much do they pay these guys to figure this out?

The Palestinian National Charter, written by Arafat in 1964, calls for a "phased destruction" of Israel through violence and acquiring territory through "peaceful negotiations" to be used to launch a final onslaught against the Jewish state.

Kuperwasser says the Palestinians still want to use the "right of return" of millions of so-called refugees from Israel's War of Independence to flood the Jewish state with enough Arabs to destroy its Jewish character.

Anyone know why Arabs have such single-minded purpose for so long even though they are literally destroying themselves in the process? Is it really such a bother for the Jews to have a little sliver of land? Are Jews really the monsters they are made out to be? Absolutely not! No way! How can so many people have so much hatred and intolerance, so much zeal, so much single-minded purpose that they are willing to live in squalor, put their children on the front lines and literally blow their own children up just for a chance to kill Jews? And celebrate it! Are they inhuman? No. They have been and are being influenced by a very powerful, evil spirit beings - the enemies of God. The entire Middle East region is under their spell. They own that area. They're doing their thing in the rest of the world too but the hatred hasn't reached the zenith it has in the Middle East - at least not yet.

I know that to most people, especially the educated it is anathema to even consider that. Nevertheless, it is the explanation. It is the only explanation and it is the truth. There will be no negotiating with them and you will not change their minds. No human being can reach into that cauldren of hate and talk sense into them or help them up and out of that mess. We are fighting a spiritual battle with physical weapons and God will not help us out of it, we sent Him packing and told Him to take His laws back with him. Unless we repent we are on our own. The time of relative safety is almost at an end and the years ahead of us will be tough. World War II was just a foretaste of what will happen in the future. Don't think so? What will happen when Iran has Nukes? Saudi Arabia? Pakistan already has them. The government of Iran is already extreme but how long before the governments of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan fall to the extremists? There has already been talk of just nuking Israel and any Arabs killed would be exceptable losses. Israel says it will bring down the pillars of civilization before it lets that happen. Will the rest of the world just stand by and let that happen? Perhaps they would be next.

We will not talk our way out of this.

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