Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Criminalizing Hate

Ex-'gays' accuse senators of discrimination

This is a new one for me. We have a hate crime bill to protect gays from supposed homophobic heterosexuals (would gay on gay crime be considered a hate crime under the bill?), now we need a new hate crime bill to protect ex-gays from ... I don't know ... homosexuals? Would heterosexuals still hate a guy who used to be homosexual but is now heterosexual? Wouldn't that be the same as heterosexual on heterosexual crime? Wouldn't it be more likely that a homosexual would hate the ex-homosexual more than a heterosexual would hate an ex-homosexual? Do homosexuals hate ex-heterosexuals? Do ex-heterosexuals hate heterosexuals? Do heterosexuals, ex-heterosexuals, homosexuals and ex-homosexuals all hate metrosexuals? Where do bisexuals fit in? What about ex-bisexuals? Ex-metrosexuals? Anyone?

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