Friday, June 18, 2004

They Fear Us?

I've heard alot of talk lately from Democrats about how we (the U.S.) are so feared by the rest of the world and it's all a bunch of B.S., but of course, that's all you get from Democrats these days. They're afraid all right, afraid they won't be able to dominate, pillage, rape, steal, or otherwise take over the world as long as we (the U.S.) exist. They are afraid of the United States the way a drug dealer is afraid of the cops. They hate us, they don't want to be caught red handed, but they know we have to follow the rules and laws and they can get away with alot. And yes, they want us out of business.

Rich Tucker wrote about this fear: Who’s Afraid of the U.S.A.

Think of it this way: Once, Greece and Rome possessed great military power. Both invaded their neighbors. When the Ottoman Empire had great military power in the 1500s, it invaded its neighbors. When France had great military power in the 1800s, it invaded its neighbors. The Soviet Union held half of Europe for generations -- because it could.

But we have great power, and we’re benevolent. If we decided to, we could conquer the entire planet. Even if all the militaries of all the world combined, we’d still defeat them. Easily.

We’d shoot down every enemy plane, sink every enemy ship, and kill as many enemy soldiers as necessary before they all surrendered. And it’s not just atomic weapons. We could win, and would win, with only conventional weapons.

This sort of restraint is new. It’s never existed before, and, based on history, it should inspire fear around the world. But it doesn’t. Canada’s the proof.

There is no fear of the United States out there.

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