Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Bottom Line

Why Bush Must Be Re-elected

These terrorists are convinced that non-Islamic nations do not have the will and courage to persevere in this ongoing struggle, which could last decades. They believe the democracies are weak-willed and will ultimately yield to whatever demands are made upon them.

By withdrawing their troops from Iraq in response to terrorist attacks, Spain and the Philippines have already shown that, tragically, terror tactics, including suicide attacks, car bombings and the beheading of innocent civilians, do work.

If John Kerry were to win this presidential election, would he stand up to terrorism to the same extent as George Bush has? I don’t think so.

Americans should be 100% united behind defeating the terrorists. If they are not put down and out, no other issue will matter. We might be all buddy, buddy with Europe under Kerry but they will stand by and watch as we drown. It doesn't matter how friendly we are with them, the allies of the United States cannot be relied on to stand by us in a time of real trouble. They will not.

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