Friday, July 30, 2004


James bumped his head Wednesday evening and went on playing as if nothing had happened. Irma noticed blood on her hand and took a closer look at him and sure enough, he had a cut on his head. He had no idea. We washed it out and it was big enough to think about getting stiches because it wouldn't close. We debated it. If it was on his arm it would only need a band aid to cover it, it wasn't really large, it was just the location.

We went to the emergency room and they looked at it and washed it off better. James was so excited to be there, he said he got knocked in the head like the three stooges. He was asking all kinds of questions about the equiptment and what the nurse was doing and was only really concerned about having to take off his clothes. The nurse assured him he could leave them on. They decided to give him two staples.

We went in a different room to get them and he was just fine, Irma and I were much more nervous. They had him lay on his stomach and turn away from them so they could work. Irma held him and reassured him. They gave him a needle to dull the pain and he hardly complained at all. They washed it again and put in the staples and he said he felt a slight pinch but that was all. He sat up and the nurse told him to hold still while she untangled his hair. He asked why and I told him some hair got tangled in the staples. He said, as if I were crazy, "I don't have any staples in my head!" We all just laughed. You do now, James.

Whan we got home I took a picture of it for him. He just looked and didn't say anything. He's been acting normal ever since, as if nothing happened.

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