Friday, July 16, 2004

China, China, China

Chinese produce new type of sub

China's naval buildup has produced a new type of attack submarine that U.S. intelligence did not know was under construction, according to U.S. defense and intelligence officials.

China is a dangerous country. While the world points their collective fingers at America in a game of misdirection (and the American left eat it up), the truly dangerous countries quietly bide their time, building up, building up. China controls the Panama Canal. China has a major, deep water port 90 miles off the coast of Miami. China can reach every point in the United States except south Florida with nuclear missles. Of course, by submarine, no part of America is safe.

"China has decided submarines are its first-line warships now, their best shot at beating carriers," said Sid Trevethan, an Alaska-based specialist on the Chinese military. "And China is right."

China also is building two nuclear-powered submarines — one Type 093, believed to be based on the Russian Victor-III class and armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles, and a Type 094 attack submarine, which the Pentagon believes has a finished hull and will be ready for deployment next year.

According to Mr. Trevethan, China currently has a force of 57 deployed submarines, including one Xia-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine, five Han submarines, four Kilos, seven Songs, 18 Mings and 22 Soviet-designed Romeos. Beijing also has eight more Kilos on order with Russia.

Where's that remote?

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